slave2mastert asked:

Any advice you can offer a new slave to a wonderful Master? i am already in the lifestyle 24/7. But Master will be doing body modifications to me as well. He very much likes your site and wants me to emulate some or many of things that you do. i am willing. But will take any advice you can offer.

It’s hard to advise anyone on this kind of commitment. Ours is a long term relationship so what you see now is the result of modifications over more than 10 years. I have been an artist in various media all my adult life, and slave M is a joint ongoing ‘work in progress’. I’ve never tried to emulate anyone else, and so the mods are a combination of our own personal desires, changes that suit our BDSM play-life, and can co-exist with our ‘straight’ lifestyle (which to some degree we all have). I design the tattoos and learned to pierce and tattoo so that I could make the changes to slave’s body myself, and that is a big part of our dynamic, as is documenting the process and the results in photos and video. I’m not suggesting everyone can do this, but it’s more than just an act of submission on your part, and an exercise of power by your Master - it’s a trip you take together.

Hope this helps - good luck.

myemelita asked:

Hello my name is emily rubber girl from Denmark, my Lord would want me to ask you about how you live your life daily so he has some ideas on how he should educate me. My men and I'm a big fan of yours. sincerely, rubber girl emily

Well, it’s really a long story. Many people have asked us about our lives so we decided to make a book. The best way is to read the book about slave’s transformation. You can get the e-book here